How to pair rosé with food

Matching the right wine with the right food is important but tricky - here's an easy checklist

Step 1

Identify the style of the rosé. Is it dark like Tavel or Clairet, or pale like Provence? Is it light or heavy?

Step 2

Think of the grapes. Are they delicate like Cinsault or do they pack a punch like Cabernet and Aglianico?

Step 3

Think of the terroir. Is it from a warm or a cool climate? Is the soil calcareous or sandy?

Step 4

How much residual sugar is there? What about tannins? These will influence the pairing.

Step 5

Think of what local foods this might go with in its production area. Is it tapas, freshwater fish, goats’ cheese?

Step 6

Serve with seafood and foie gras (or Asian food!), chilled to exactly 6 degrees. Ignore everything else - it’s rosé and it doesn’t matter.

Happy April - I wish I didn’t have to say this!